Making a Difference: ALAI Rescue's Core Activities and Initiatives



We are equipped with two animal rescue ambulances who pick injured, sick and disabled animals off the street upon receiving calls from the public. These animals are carefully shifted to the trauma unit at ALAI Rescue centre for further medical attention.



The sight of diseased animals and accidental cases is heart rending for those who love animals. It also takes a lot of strength and determination to nurse them back to health where necessary medical treatment follows alongside any emergency procedures needed like Lazer therapy, soft tissue surgeries and orthopaedic surgeries etc.

The animal stays at our intensive care trauma unit under the supervision of our team of doctors and caregivers and is constantly monitored and cared for.



Our focus is on helping the animal recover to the best state of health possible and preparing the animal to be released back into its home territory.

Release: Recovered animals are released back to their respective territories and care-givers and community are guided to provide the needed care for their community street animals.

Resident: Animal which is not deemed fit for release will continue to stay with us as a permanent resident for the rest of their life.

Re-home: ‘Adopt-Don’t Shop’ is the mantra we believe. Educating and encouraging the community to adopt shelter dogs is one of the key focus areas at ALAI. People interested in adopting are welcomed to meet the pets at the shelter and are screened for compatibility. They undergo strict adoption procedures to help the animal reach a safe and a loving home.

Our Specialized Units

Canine Distemper Unit

This unit is spread across 20000sq feet and one of the biggest distemper units in the country which houses 70+ dogs and daily incoming dogs whose central nervous system have been compromised by the distemper virus causing severe paralysis to involuntary shaking of the body muscles, seizures, disorientation of the teeth, partial to severe jaw locking.

Palliative Care Unit

Palliative care is focused on improving the overall wellness of dogs with serious illnesses. We address both the symptoms and the stress of living with a chronic illness. Easing these animal’s suffering into their next phase of comfort is been one of the founding principles at ALAI.

Geriatric Unit

Housing the old, frail and fragile grandpas and grandmas. They age quicker than we do but suffer many of the same age-related conditions. Unfortunately, they can’t tell us about their aches and pains but may do so subtly, if you just know what to look for. The unit is specially designed and catered for the elderly dogs.

Happy Home Resident Unit

Housing the dogs who cannot be released back to their locations due to various reasons like abandonment, long term treatment, being differently abled etc. continue to spend their lives in what we call A Happy Home spread across a little over an acre.

Large & Small Animal Unit

Amputee cows to tiny orphan calves to ducks, pigs, buffalo, sheep, goats rescued from cruelty cases and slaughter houses etc. reside in the ALAI’s large animals unit living a blissful life.

Spine-Care Unit

Dogs affected by accidents causing severe trauma to their spines rendering them immobile, are cared and loved for in the spine care unit to help them live a better life they once deserved.

Trauma Unit

Trauma dogs rescued stay at this Inpatient facility under the supervision of the veterinary doctor and assistants who provide the needed medical help to each of these dogs.