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Animal Lives Are Important (ALAI) established in May 2017 is an animal rescue and rehabilitation shelter located in Bangalore, India and serves the sick, injured, elderly and differently abled street animals.

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Our Specialized Units

Canine Distemper Unit

This unit is spread across 20000sq feet and one of the biggest distemper units in the country which houses 70+ dogs and daily incoming dogs whose central nervous system have been compromised by the distemper virus causing severe paralysis to involuntary shaking of the body muscles, seizures, disorientation of the teeth, partial to severe jaw locking.

Palliative Care Unit

Palliative care is focused on improving the overall wellness of dogs with serious illnesses. We address both the symptoms and the stress of living with a chronic illness. Easing these animal’s suffering into their next phase of comfort is been one of the founding principles at ALAI.

Geriatric Unit

Housing the old, frail and fragile grandpas and grandmas. They age quicker than we do but suffer many of the same age-related conditions. Unfortunately, they can’t tell us about their aches and pains but may do so subtly, if you just know what to look for. The unit is specially designed and catered for the elderly dogs.

Happy Home Resident Unit

Housing the dogs who cannot be released back to their locations due to various reasons like abandonment, long term treatment, being differently abled etc. continue to spend their lives in what we call A Happy Home spread across a little over an acre.

Large & Small Animal Unit

Amputee cows to tiny orphan calves to ducks, pigs, buffalo, sheep, goats rescued from cruelty cases and slaughter houses etc. reside in the ALAI’s large animals unit living a blissful life.

Spine-Care Unit

Dogs affected by accidents causing severe trauma to their spines rendering them immobile, are cared and loved for in the spine care unit to help them live a better life they once deserved.

Trauma Unit

Trauma dogs rescued stay at this Inpatient facility under the supervision of the veterinary doctor and assistants who provide the needed medical help to each of these dogs.


Words of Praise and Support: Testimonials from Our Compassionate Community

Neelu and Jivan
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Privileged to be part of ALAI, a remarkable shelter in India. Owners Sajesh, Skyla, and Team ALAI work tirelessly with love and dedication. The shelter is a haven of hope and healing, filled with positive energy and a commitment to each animal's well-being. Gratitude and love for their selfless work.
Irani and Monojit
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ALAI caught my attention with their prompt response to animals in distress, shaping our lives. Walking into their shelter was awe-inspiring, and adopting Cookie was transformative. In four years, I've witnessed their unwavering dedication and assistance, always guiding us when needed.
Gowri N Kishore
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I highly recommend ALAI's exceptional work. Their dedicated team has been the first responders to countless animal emergencies in the past 4 years. They skillfully handle diverse cases and maintain regular updates. ALAI's unwavering commitment makes them a vital player in Bangalore's animal welfare landscape.
Divya Chinnapa Rao
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The team at ALAI truly embodies their name, 'Animal Lives Are Important.' Sajesh, Skyla, the dedicated doctors, and staff passionately rescue and care for street animals, giving them a new lease on life. We're proud to collaborate with them in RMV 2nd stage and appreciate their unwavering dedication to street animals.
Anjali Nanavati
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My journey with ALAI began a year ago when a street puppy, injured in a road accident, desperately needed assistance. After countless 'no' from other shelters, ALAI was the sole responder. Their consistent and prompt support is a blessing. Kudos to Sajesh and the team for their incredible work for our street animals.
Abhilash Bodanapu
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Started small and today to one of the best Animal cares in Bangalore and making some real difference to the lives of animals and model inspiration for all genuine care takers. I’m hopeful that one day there is no animal that lacks care in Bangalore. Thanks to ALAI.
Megha Chandran
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Our association with ALAI goes back to early 2017. ALAI literally came as Alay (Wave) of Hope when two breeder discard dogs were in need for desperate help. Stories of how Sajesh along with his greatly supportive partner Skyla help streeties are available for everyone to see as the shelter has grown to 500 plus dogs from a mere 15 when we saw them first. We only have good wishes to ALAI as they continue to work for making Indian street dog’s life better!! All the best ALAI....
Asha D’Souza
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A haven for animals, ALAI has been a place I trust to always be on the front-foot to help any animal in need through sheer dedication and rapid mitigation activities. Thank you, ALAI - for your kindness towards these lovely beings and helping people like me as well to contribute and be blessed by making the world a better place for them. I feel happy and privileged to be associated, although passively, to this lovely cause.
Kiran Bhat
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Animal Lives Are Important (ALAI) as per its name does everything possible for the animals. I have been associated with them for a few years now and am amazed and humbled with their work. Despite being 30 kms away from their place they helped me in treating and spaying the streeties near my place.

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